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Counter Help


Counter Help


I wanted to use the pre-loaded counter, but start it from the number on my
last counter.
So emailed Support to see if it was possible to set the number and was told
no and they recommended that I load up a cgi one from the net.

So I found LiveCounter. Installed the 3 .pl files into cgi-bin (as ascii)
Copied the .class & .gif to my homepages directory (as binary)

Did the test they recommended but typing in the url for the .pl files and
the results were successful.

Copied their html to the page I wanted it on and changed the url's to point
to the above files and....

It comes up with 000000 as the count each time on my web page (I know the
count is increasing in the background, but it never shows it on the web

Its driving me round the bend now.
Can anyone help please!!!!!

Could it be to do with the perl scripts being on the cgi server and the html
on the homepages server. If so, how do I get around the issue??


Cry Cry Steve

(for Childrens TV from the Past

Counter Help

Someone helped me out.

I was soooo close.

I needed the cgi scripts + the .class & .gif on the same server (which I'd come to the conclusion myself), but I didn't know that I could put anything in the directory one level up from the cgi-bin directory.

I did this and it worked

thanks anyway