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Content Management System


Content Management System

I am looking for a system to help in the re- design of my site (not F9 hosted, hence posted here). I have tried Joomla and although I got it working, it seems to lack the documentation to modify it without a lot of trial and error.

I have been looking at Mambo, which looks very similar to the above, but it seems to have a lot more examples and a bit more decriptive instructions.

Finally, I have alls looked at CMS Made Simple, which looks, well, simple!!

I realise these all have modules that can be added on, but these programmes are all in php which I have never used before, only perl scripts.

My current site has a guestbook, classifed ads, YaBB forum and an events calendar. All of these were available for Joomla, which is a shame that I couldn't get it configured correctly. Most of these are available for Mambo too.

If anyone has any ideas where something similar can be found that it free open source?

Thanks for any input.


Re: Content Management System


For your Forum - I used SMF - the best Free Forum Software out there i think!

SMF have a lot of brigdes to a number of different CMS, Have a look here. or

I had a big list of CMS, i dig it out and post it up!