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Connexant Access Runner DSL PCI modem driver update ?


Connexant Access Runner DSL PCI modem driver update ?

Can anyone tell me where to find updated drivers for my PCI ADSL modem ?

It is the Connexant as supplied by F9 and has been giving some problems, namely, it sometimes has a problem with initial line connection when I turn on the PC. Sometimes I can hear the relays click inside when the PC is powering up and before Windows XP SP2 is loaded, but that is too soon for it to connect. So it will sometimes try again a couple of times once Windows has fully loaded and be successful but othertimes it won't connect and it will only connect if I re-boot the PC. If I do not log-on to my user account in Windows immediately then it won't connect and if I log-off one account and switch to another then it won't connect unless I re-boot and log-on immediately.

I cannot find any settings anywhere to adjust this or make any alterations, I have checked in Device Manager and tried to update it but Windows can't find a better or more up to date driver.

Any advice please.
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Connexant Access Runner DSL PCI modem driver update ?


Have a look at the link below, you should find the latest drivers there,

click the Agree button which will take you to the download area below.

Kind Regards


Connexant Access Runner DSL PCI modem driver update ?

Thanks for that slevgb but unfortunately it is a no-go.

I checked the Modem id using the listmodem_app and checked it against the charts to discover it was HCF then downloaded the driver and carefully followed the instructions to unzip and install it but it crashed my PC 'BIG TIME' !

I got the BSOD which said something like "An error has ocurred and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage...blah blah blah"

So I let it dump the physical memory to disc and let it re-start and tried again but this time went through Device Manager to update drivers, I directed it to the file and clicked OK to install but it crashed again with the same BSOD.

When it re-started, up popped the Found New Hardware Wizard but it failed to find any relevant drivers but as you can see, it still works OK.

So I am a bit nervous of messing it up now.

Any idea what went wrong ?
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Connexant Access Runner DSL PCI modem driver update ?

That sounds pretty nasty. As it happens, I ended up needing that URL a few weeks ago to install my friend's Conexant modem. (That all went fine, aren't I unhelpful Tongue)

As for this problem, clearly something about your setup doesn't agree with those drivers. WinXP is extremely unhelpful with BSODs, it gives you absolutely no info about what the problem actually was (one of the reasons I switched to Linux). Anyway, I would suggest attempting to use generics (can't remember whether Conexant modems are winmodems, ie. they require you to use their specific drivers). I'm not sure how available generics are for DSL modems though... [Edit: I should read. Didn't realise it was a DSL modem at first.]

Otherwise, you could look around the net and see if there are any older drivers, and try those... Alternatively, you could try booting into safe mode and trying to install it then. Good luck anyhow Smiley

Connexant Access Runner DSL PCI modem driver update ?

One thing I haven't yet tried is uninstalling the drivers/modem first then re-booting.

Will try it when I have more time and let you know how I get on.