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Connection issues and 'questions'

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Registered: 13-08-2007

Connection issues and 'questions'

Slightly disgruntled.....

I've not been able to connect to the internet all day today until around 10 mins ago this eve.

I've had intermitent e-mail issues which to be fair I've been aware of via the status web page.

However, not being able to connect to the internet is a different matter - the only trouble i've noticed on the status page concerns issues with Tiscali routes. I have no idea whether my broadband connection has anything to do with Tiscali routing, so would like to ask.

Trouble is - I can't find out how you post questions to the tech support area like I used to...!

Can anyone answer my questions??

1) Have there been connection issues generally during today - ie no connections available at all internet wise??

2) How do you send a question to customer support ? 'My Questions' is empty - how do you 'add' a question??

Appreciate any help possible.

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Connection issues and 'questions'

Not sure if there were problems with connection yesterday as I didn't really use it very much but to raise a ticket you have to go through a series of tests/questions on the Help Assistant.

First click on Help & Support (menu directly above) this brings up the Help Assistant.

To the right of this page is a section headed What's your question about? Click on the last one My Broadband Connection.

Then click Self Test Your Connection and Raise a Fault. This will take you through a series of self tests - this will be a pop-up (make sure you disable your pop-up blocker, also if you don't see the pop-up check it hasn't opened up behind the main page). At the end of these if you haven't resolved the problem (most likely) you will be able to raise a ticket for your problem.

Hope this helps

EDIT: You might find you'll get a faster response to this sort of problem if you post it in F9 Community Support forum rather than this one Cheesy
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Connection issues and 'questions'

Hi Tonymunro, your the same as me, and prob as many. It would appear that we are indeed on the Tiscali system. I did raise a ticket but it didnt answer the thing. But by deduction ( i.e. the say its working etc), i assume we are. which is most likely the closet i will get to a answer from F9