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Connection Problems


Connection Problems

I have already raised a support ticket for this, but things are moving very slowly.

I connect using the standard Voyager 105 aDSL modem (USB).

I can connect to F9 sites and the plusnet sites, Not the homepages server, or faults.f9

I cannot get anywhere else on the internet.

I can send/rcv E-Mail okay. I cannot use FTP or other protocols. I cannot ping, and cannot tracert.

Any ideas?

Connection Problems

Hi wolfpack,

The first thing you need to do is to go through your TCP/IP settings with a fine tooth comb to make sure they are correct & spot on. Secondly go through all the USB modem settings to check those too.

This might be as simple as a dirty or corrupt DNS Cache or ARP cache problem?

**To check your TCP/IP configuration open a command window or MSDOS window. Start button, start menu, select the run option and press enter, in the window at the prompt type IPCONFIG /ALL (note: the space between the config and the /all )

**If the arp or dns cache are dirty i.e. have corrupt entries in them you can clean the arp or DNS cache in one of x2 ways. 1) type ipconfig /flushdns or 2) reboot your machine this will have the same effect as 1).

**Ensure you do have the correct F9 DNS primary & DNS secondary server IP address's entered correctly for your connection to the internet. This information will be found under your account details here on the F9 portal.