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Come see GameOne!


Come see GameOne!

Hey people starting a community for gamers, all games, all people, got a clan? Join up with GameOne and join a growing force with a name to be reckoned with!

I used to run a gaming community called TFG but then I had college but now hats over I'm looking for some friends to run a new one and be bigger than ever...

TFG covered 5 games and some browser games (like planetarion) we had a great laugh and became known as great community... I wish to try create one again, this time with more fun more people and more games!

Why not take a look at and join in the start of a new place of fun laughter and fraggin!


P.S if anyone remmebers TFG would they please contact me... I'm looking for about 58 of my old friends!

GameOne: There Are No Rules!

RE: Come see GameOne!

you could of attempted to create a half decent website. dreamwaever flash buttons ahhh.