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Classifieds Scripts?


Classifieds Scripts?

Do any of you use Hagen e-Classifieds Photo edition?
If so have you had any problems?

I changed to the above after having problems with the old system I was using (ABS_5.01 Photo Edition}. Every now & again the old system would just crash & wipe out all of the ads. So I changed over to Hagen e-Classifieds Photo edition & am really pleased with it, but then last month it did the same thing & wiped out around 400 ads. The numbers were just building back up (around 120) & its happened again!! As you can imagine myself & the regular users are getting a bit fed up, so I've moved the whole lot from Crofters onto a different CGI server. The first time it ever happened, F9 did say there was a problem which would affect scripts running counters, each time since it is the ad counter that goes back to zero. Just wondered if there was anyone else out sufferring this problem.