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Checkpoint SecurClient and ADSL


Checkpoint SecurClient and ADSL

Hi there,

I'm trying to use Checkpoint Secure Client to access my employers VPN over my ADSL connection. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working Cry

The key exchange works fine and superficially it would seem to work. However, I can't access anything through the VPN as no packets are returned from the secure gateway. Using Etherreal I have verified that UDP encapsulated packets are being sent to my ADSL PCI card to establish TCP connections, but nothing comes back. Using dialup or GPRS connections VPN works fine. I've also tried various MTU settings (500, 1400 etc..) but these make no difference and the packets being sent at this stage are only ~100 bytes long. I'm assured by my company that there is no reason that it should not work.

Has anyone else got Checkpoint Secure Client to access a VPN over free-online ADSL? Anyone in the Cambridge area admit that it works?


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Checkpoint SecurClient and ADSL


Given the nature fo this query, I reckon when of the general forums, or a search at might get you an asnwer. With this, I would imagine the problem is down to ADSL equipment or the ADSL network and not the specific ISP, so I suspect you will find an answer from someone somewhere.

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