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Check modem settings after initial setup!

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Registered: 13-08-2007

Check modem settings after initial setup!

I am posting this for those who may be encountering long dial-ups or modem time-outs when trying to connect to the adsl account.

Having installed the modem's software, I was concerned to find that my modem appeared to be taking ages to either find the adsl signal or connect to the adsl signal. Loads of time outs were encountered. Quite by chance, I happened to notice that the modem's modulation setting was not set to that advised by the modem's set up guide.

After adjusting this modulation setting, everything started to behave as it should, and my problem was fixed. I can only deduce that the modem's software installation had defaulted the modem modulation to something other than that which was required.

If you find your dial-ups are timing out, or you are having to constantly redial, it is definitely worth checking the modulation setting.

The modulation setting is viewable through the modem's control panel. Adusting the modulation setting can be done via the software's configuration programme in the modem's folder accessed by clicking on the Windows Start button.