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Check Download speeds


Check Download speeds


I have been upgraded to 2Mbps service and my exchange, I am given to understand does handle this. However I can only get a max recorded speed of approx 220 Kb/sec. This is the speed indicated when I download a file.

I spoke with Tech help and was advised to test the BT line and was told to go onto the F9 usertools site and follow the instructions.

I accessed the ADSL modem setup via "internet options>connections" and altered altered my login to read "speedtest@speedtest_domain as the instructions state and left the password blank.

I then tried to connect as usual but was unable to do so.

I know I must be doing something wrong, but what.

Surely there must be an easier way to test the BT lne speed that thisHuh

Can anyone help please.

F9 phone help always seems to be busy so cannot get through to them.

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Check Download speeds

However I can only get a max recorded speed of approx 220 Kb/sec

I don't know what speed test you are using, but if this is showing 220k Bytes per second then it would be about right for 2M Bits per second download.

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Check Download speeds


That download speed is about right for a 2mb connection,

Here is the one I have just done from F9's servers ,

Your current speed is:

1.84 Mbps

Which means you can download at 235.53 KB/sec. from our servers.

Past results are

14-06-2005 14:15:18 1884.2
22-05-2005 10:51:57 1929.8
19-05-2005 13:30:37 1921.6

There are many places you can test with different results,

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Check Download speeds

Just to clarify what everyone else has said, this is the old confusing bits and bytes!

Line speeds are shown in Bits per second eg 2Mbs or 512kbs BUT when you download a file on your pc the results are often shown in Bytes per second. There are 8bits in a byte. It is confusing, the 'b' should be a capital "B" for Bytes and a small case "b" for bits but often this isn't shown properly.

Check Download speeds

easy way to test this:

log onto an ftp site - such as newnet,,, or somewhere that has a nice fast coupled fibre link, find a file which is about 200k or find a file which is about 2 meg in size. Work out the time it takes to transfer the file - and remember that 2mbit download works out to 2048kbs, which is about 200k per second - so it should take 1 second to download the 200k and 10 seconds to download the 2 meg.