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Cannot get broadband


Cannot get broadband

I am in the middle of bodminmoor, 11 kilometers from the substation (cable length - not not road distance) according to BT the longest length they have found to work was 9k. Does anyone have a longer connection?
I really hate the speed on average 33.6k, and I hate even more paying the same price for dial up as for B/b. Anyone have any experience/knowledge of satellite providers? Cheeeeeerz

Cannot get broadband

Hi cornwall,

WOW!! Bodmin moor what a fantastic place anyway. Yes! I can really appreciate your problem. I have friends who live in the deepest wilds of county Cavan in southern Ireland and they have the same problem. Yes! phone and yes! VERY slow dialup but no broadband and not a hope in hell of ever getting it either.

**YES! Satelite internet access should easily be possible from a purely technical point of view no matter where you live in the UK. When you buy a satelite service you get a receiver dish placed on the outside of your property (exactly as if you had BskyB TV or something) the dish is attached via a cable into a special decoder box which you then connect your PC or router to (If you have one). As far as I know one of the major benefits of a satelite internet service is it has massive uplink & downlink bandwidths in Megabytes as a standard feature.

**I think there are LOTS of positives to this type of service but the biggest negative I think you might find is the cost of the service. Mind you! prices may well have come down alot since I researched this type of service. Satalite has to now complete with ADSL broadband & ADSL2+ services terrestrially.

**Another common problem with satalite internet services is that they can be prone to local radio frequency interference. Such as from military aircraft, taxi's radio communications, emergency service radio, sometimes commerial aircraft but all of this depends strongly where you live and how close any of these might be to you. Satelite internet can be affected by physical phenomena like the wheather and believe it or not solar radiation such as sun spot activty, yes! thats right solar storms which emitt vast amounts of solar radiation into space. (not as uncommon as you might think!).

**as I said before its the initial financial outlay that's a pain but see what you think? you still might find something within your budget?

**here are some useful links that might be of help? (see below)

Best Regards