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Can this be done?


Can this be done?

I run my own server on one of my static IP addresses, and it works well. However, if for any reason the server falls over, the standard error message appears. Traffic to my domain name are sent directly to my servers vivble IP address, then the router sends it to the server by its local IP address. If the server is down, as said, the standard error message appears. What I would like to do, (if it is possible) is for the router to try and send to the server, but if it cannot reach the server, send out a custom error page saying something like 'server is down for mantainance, try again later of phone xxx xxx xxx for details' (or summat similar) My router is the solwise 110. is it possible? Or alternatively, have it so I can tell the roiuter to send out the message if I have the server off for any reason. (Hmm, come to think of it one auto saying Ooops there is a problem, contact Dave and another I can tell the router to send saying 'Working on the server try later' would be even better.

Or am I expecting too much from my router?

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Unfortunately, in all my computing experience I've never seen in a routers in depth admin settings the option for customised error messages like the one's you would like to show if the server had fallen over. Now I'm NOT saying this isnt possible some how but I've never seen this in a router's settings or setup pages personally, & I have setup routers myself. Its quite reasonable or logical what you want, I just dont know how you achieve that end, sorry I cannot be more help on this one.