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Can Someone please help!!


Can Someone please help!!

Hello All,

I am looking for some guidance.

My aim is to upload Team Speak to my CGI webspace so that i can communicate with other online gamers.

Does anyone have any tips, advice or even step by step information on how to go about itHuh?

You can either e-mail me at or you can chat with me on MSN with the following id

Thank u in advance for you replies.


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Can Someone please help!!

Is Team Speak a Server? If so, it won't work. Also, if it requires UDP packets it probably won't work.

Can Someone please help!!

I think you misunderstand the purpose and implementation of TeamSpeak, it's a Client-Server model and as such both need to be run as applications/services on a machine NOT via Web-services!

the TS server is installed and run either as an application or service allowing multiple TS client applications to connect to it!

I have run & administered 2 seperate TS servers for gaming clans so if you have any questions please contact me!