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CPU Cooling


CPU Cooling

Hi guys.

I'm having a bit of trouble cooling my AthlonXP 2100+. I'm not sure if the motherboard is reading the temperature wrong, if the CPU is running exceptionally hot for the speed it is or if I'm just not using a good enough cooler.

I was wondering what cooler you guys would recommend for an Athlon of this sort of speed or faster. Also what, if any, thermal compound should I use.

I'm currently using a Coolermaster X-Dream cooler (HAC-V81), but was previously using a Thermaltake Volcano 9 (both of which had the same sort of effect). However my AthlonXP 1800+ is now using the Volcano 9 and is running considerably cooler.

So I would appreciate you suggestions, also if you could let me know the temperatures your Athlon XP's are running at, that'd be cool too.

Also any tips would be appreciated too!

Thanks for any help.

RE: CPU Cooling

I've never been sure what temperature is bad for AMD processors, as most people tend to disagree (although I'm sure up to around 80c is OK), however that said I've just built a shuttle SN41G2 for my old man and that uses a heat pipe with the main system fan extracting all air and it hasn't crashed once yet or complained about being overheat (last time I checked it was running around the 50c mark as well). But they do also provide a copper shim with the shuttle package which helps matters.

As regards thermal compound, I think coolermaster do a good one that comes with a syringe for easy application. The main thing with thermal compound that people forget is you don't want to use too much or too little of it, too little you don't have enough to bond with, too much and it's no use. Most compound should come with a little leaflet to tell you how much to use anyway (although there's no way you can realistically measure it precisely, but there's no need to use a whole packet for 1 CPU if you get my drift). You may also want to splash out a little on a copper shim (obviously in addition to the thermal compound and heatsink/fan), as they help matters a little.

If you want a really macky cooler, then you may want to check out this little puppy:

And I'd whole heartedly recommend for PC bits and pieces, very quick service and reasonably priced (got the Shuttle and a 512Mb PC3200 DIMM off them very cheaply and quickly).

RE: CPU Cooling

As I like esoteric hardware bits I have one of these:

-its a ZEN Radiator.

The reviewer says they had a few problems with mounting it but I didn't find it hard to build or mount -quite an interesting design. If you have an open case its a talking point. If you really want to impress though get a watercooler, but that's another story...

RE: CPU Cooling

> So I would appreciate you suggestions, also if you could let me know the temperatures your Athlon XP's are running at, that'd be cool too.

I'm running a 1.3 GHz Athlon Thunderbird (the last Athlon model before the change to AthlonXP) - ambient motherboard temp is 33C, idling CPU temp is 60C, 100% CPU temp is 70C. I use a QuietPC low noise fan, so the airflow isn't great, but it is really quiet, admittedly not whisper quiet, but certainly not a jet engine either.

I understand Athlons run hot. There's a chart somewhere on Toms Hardware Guide, don't have the URL to hand, with all the figures.

CPU Cooling

most cpus run at quite high temps these days - around the 70c mark is quite normal - if your amd gets too hot it will fry unless your mobo supports high temp shutdown (check your mobo specs) these two sites have info on cpu temps

CPU Cooling

To answer the original posters question, yes, your motherboard is reading the temperatures wrong. But then so do all other motherboards. To make matters worse some motherboard manufacturers put in an offset to try and account for the difference and some dont.

Dont put too much faith in the temperature readings.

Also the 2100+ Tbred A core ran very hot :twisted:, as far as i can remember it was the only Tbred A they made. It was later switched to a Tbred B core which ran much cooler, and was more overclockable.

As long as your computer isn't crashing because of the heat you should be alright. By the time troubles start you will have long upgraded.

CPU Cooling

That's guys.
Your input has been appreciated.

I think I'll live with it for a bit longer, but I'm already looking at some possible upgrade to both Motherboard and CPU, and I think I'll get a new cooler while I'm at it.

I'm not sure whether to go for the
Coolermaster Aero 7 (ASB-V73)

or the
Vantec VA4-C7040 AMD Aeroflow

Anyone had any experience with either/both of these?