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CGI service FTP and Norton internet security and ACTIVE FTP.


CGI service FTP and Norton internet security and ACTIVE FTP.

I was having difficulty with the new cgi server.

I have found that the ftp server does not accept passive connecitons. When I try and use passive mode the tranfers never happen.

So, I switch to normal active mode. I couldn't get this to work either! The commands got sent (packet analyser showed all ok) but the data connections showed up but where empty. So nothing transfered.

I rebooted my router, PC etc, still nothing.

Then I disabled Norton Internet Security.

Passive connections still would not work (I assume F9 blocks these?)

BUT now active connections did work with Norton switched off.

Conclusion, Norton Internet Security is blocking the ACTIVE connections. I changed the settings to the FTP programs (tried several) to allow everything in and out with norton. This still had no effect. I then added a default rule to allow ALL incomming connections to anything (this is ok as my router protects this anyway) still did not work.

Now I got really annoyed, so I have to remember to switch off norton internet security every time I want to use ACTIVE FTP. I tested this with other sites too Norton internet security blocks all ACTIVE FTP to any sites. There is no way to actually configure it not too, eg set allow everything and still doesn't work, still blocks active ftp.

The only way I could get an active FTP session to work is by putting the name of the ftp server in the "Trusted" section of the firwall settings in Norton. I have done so for the ccgi server and all is ok.

What a pain! Has anyone else tried this with norton? I don't need norton to protect incomming connections as I have a router firewall but I still like it to be on so I know what programs are initialing outgoing connections. (eg you download some shareware and you want to make sure it doesnt send out all your files or anything at all if it isn't a net related program.)

Anyone else got norton to work with active FTP without adding the ftp server to the "trusted" section in "home networking"?