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CGI problems


CGI problems

I am new to this CGI lark so please can someone help me!
I am trying to run my script in this case just a test called from Matts Script Archive and change the perl address to /usr/bin/perl as per the F9 portal.

I then upload the file to either the CGI-BIN folder or the route folder of the CGI area and CHMOD it to give full permissions 777.

I try to run the script by entering: which throws back an Internal Server Error message or if I omit the CGI-BIN from the path it just displays the script itself not the result of the script.

Please please can someone help - I am losing sleep over this!!


RE: CGI problems


You should put your perl scripts in the cgi-bin directory

Hope this helps


RE: CGI problems

Thanks Andrew

I have learnt a lot in the last week, mainly about correct paths etc. My main problem was Cute FTP, it was uploading in binary even when text was selected, which I have now found out is a known but little publicised problem.