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CGI New Platform FAQ point domains to directories

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CGI New Platform FAQ point domains to directories

The CGI New Platform FAQ says

23. Will I be able to point domains to directories?
At the time of launch, this will not be possible. However this functionality should be available within a short timeframe after live launch.

When will this be up and running?

At the moment I have a few domains that use mainly PHP scripts and have the opening HTML intro page pointing to . I have crofters set up with directories for each domain, they run just fine. Pages on crofters are accessed via

I have lots of links listed in the main search engines such as google, yahoo, MSN and many more that access scripts via the cgi domain name pointing to unique directories on crofters, one for each domain.

At the moment links to CGI domains work very well for me with each domain pointing to a directory. If the new set up pointing of domains to a directories takes very long to bring in for the new server, I expect to lose the links I have listed in the search engines, Many are on the first pages for their respective keywords, It has taken me a lot of time, effort and money to get these pages listed so high.

What is the planned time span for bringing this feature back in to use ?

CGI New Platform FAQ point domains to directories

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