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CD labelling software


CD labelling software

We've put an MP3 player in the boat so I'm building up a set of CDs full of MP3 files to keep on there.

I'd like to label them up so I've some idea what each CD has on it.

I've tried several peices of software but so far none really does what I'd like.

I've got the CD with a Folder for each Artist and under that a folder for each Album. Thats how my Mp3 ripper arranges it and the MP3 player is happy.

All the software I can find ends up having:

Track name...Artist.... Time

And seems to want to number all the tracks on the CD in one go (which doesn't match up with the MP3 tags).

Ideally I'd like:

......Track Name..... Time
......Track Name......Time

So does anyone know of any software that will allow me to do that?