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Broadband Costs


Broadband Costs

I have been a F9 customer for over 2 years and am still on a dial up connection. The biggest obsticle making the leap into broadband for me is the rather expensive activation costs and the price of the hardware to get online.

I've looked at other ISP'S namely Tiscali and they only charge £25 set up and throw in a modem for free, making the first year subscription only £216 compared to £283 if I opted for the very basic package with F9.

How come there is such a vast difference in what would appear to be identical services. Is F9 Broadband worth that much more?.


Broadband Costs

As far as I can make out, you're not really comparing like with like. (But, whether that matters is up to you.).

I think the Tiscali product upon which you've based your calculations is their "Broadbandx3" package. It offers download speeds of up to 150kbps, which they're calling three times faster than dial up. (The package is £15.99 per month for 12 months, plus the £25 connection fee, and it includes free hardware, giving an outlay of £216.88 for the first year, and £191.88 thereafter. Tiscali Broadbandx3 )

Force9 does not have a 150kbps package. Its slowest braodband package is 512kbps, which is the equivalent of Tiscali's "Broadbandx10" package, for which Tiscali charges £24.99 per month plus the £25 connection charge, giving an outlay of £324.88 for the first year, and £299.88 thereafter. Tiscali Broadbandx10

There's also an intermediate Tiscali product, their "Broadbandx5", giving downloads of up to 256kbps (£17.99 per month plus £25, gives an outlay of £240.88 for the first year, £215.88 thereafter.) Tiscali Broadbandx5

The cheapest Force9 package is £14.99 per month, but that assumes you will not exceed 1GB of throughput ("bandwidth") per month. For that price, you can have either 512kbps (Tiscali's fastest), or 1Mbps (twice Tiscali's fastest). You can have the activation and a USB modem thrown in for an extra £7.50 per month, with the understanding that the extra is paid for the first 12 months. So, on that basis you could have a 512kbps or 1Mbps connection for £269.88 in the first year and £179.88 thereafter. Force9 1GB per month hardware and payment options

This £269.88 price compares to the Tiscali £324.88 package, but bear in mind, that comparison is only valid for usage up to 1GB per month. If you exceed that, the Force9 package would cost you more.

Personally, I would say it's worth paying the "extra" (if it really is extra) for the Force9 product, and if your monthly usage is relatively low (as a dial-up customer at the moment, it probably is), opting straight away for the 1Mbps package rather than the 512kbps. You'll get better speeds than Tiscali, and, according to ADSLGuide, Force9/PlusNet easily surpasses Tiscali on the other performance measures. Yes, you may be able to get cheaper so-called "Broadband" packages from Tiscali, which will give you an always-on Internet connection at better than dial-up speeds, but -- I think -- the Force9 packages will give you better value for money, although they will cost a bit more.

Broadband Costs

Also f9 are really flexible if your requirements change.

Even if you don't need all the nice web add ons you might find the ability to gat fixed IP useful if you wanted to work from home. I won't allow any of my users to connect without knowing their IP address.

Support is excellent. I need my connection for work, and setting up with F9 was non trivial - not f9 BT fools- and I was real twitchy pain in the butt, they were still nice at the point where I'd have said "look! we're doing it! now ........" they censor here, but you know what I mean.

Broadband Costs

and a final note, Customer Support and help here is far better than most other ISP's Cheesy

Braodband costs

Hi goodlads,

Another option that might be worth consideration is moving from dialup to ADSL 512K connection but going down the "self install" route, which is what I did myself. This way you can buy the equipment that suits your specific needs such as either a router for ADSL ethernet connectivity or USB ADSL modem. The prices of such kit have come down too in the last 18mths. With a USB ADSL modem costing around £79 to £80, I also beleive the one off BT activation fee has also come down since I installed my broadband. Also F9 ADSL accounts have improved a great deal both in terms of choice of products and the range of features you will now get from what was available when I started with plusnet and ADSL.

Yes! its true the problem that remains for many people wanting to move up to a broadband connection is still the initial costs involved. However I would point out that many of the initial costs have come down since I had my ADSL setup. I think my total capitol outlay was about £150 but that was for everthing included i.e. all fees.

I think if you are prepared to do a self installation (buy your own kit including filters,etc) & have a basic 512K ADSL account with F9 (annual contract) then I think you would find that monthly fees are approx £22.99 (not inc the BT phone line and BT package, & the one off activation fee). I still suggest that you at least research this option to see if it might be cost effective for you?

Ivan Cool

Broadband cost

Cheesy Stick with F9 - tried others in the dim n distant past (incuding Tiscali) but, quite honestly, the support at F9 is first rate - and if you get stuck or hit a problem they can and do sort it out - I know - been there, got the t-shirt etc