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Braodband speed issue


Braodband speed issue


I live in the New Milton - Hampshire area, so if anyone else reading this comes from the same area, I would appreciate your input.

I am connected at 2Mb and for some time, as far as I am concerned, there has been a serious issue with the speed of the service. When I firt joined F9/Plusnet there did not seem to be an issue!!

Today for instance, since first testing using the BT test site, I have recorded speeds of 371Kb at 9.45hrs - 296Kb at 10.15 hrs - 324Kb at 10.50hrs - 398Kb at 11.43hrs.

In one instance, it was so slow that I could not even connect and another where the connection was lost. It seems to me that this nearly always happens when we have had some rain!!!

According to Tech support, BT will not entertain a complaint on this issue because the speed is within acceptable limits at of-peak times i.e. between the hours of midnight and 7a.m.

Regretably I am not a vampire and do not stay up late so I tend to use the service at normal times.

If there is anyone out there who comes from the New Milton area and connects via the New Milton exchange can you please let me know what sort of speeds you are getting between 9a.m and 12a.m. and again between 3p.m. and 5p.m.

Would greatly appreciate your help.

Regards :x :!: :!:

Braodband speed issue

If it happens mainly when it rains it sounds like you probably have too much noise on your line to achieve 2Mbit. Rain often reduces the line quality for me by a several dB but im only on 1Mbit so it doesnt cause a problem, but on 2Mbit its often more a problem.

The problem is you might not have any choice but to drop to 1Mbit to see if it makes any difference but once you do I doubt they will be willing to put you back on 2Mbit if that DOES fix the problem.