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Bizarre disconnections


Bizarre disconnections

For the last three nights I have been plagued with seemingly random (more on this later) disconnexions. Previously, I have had solid connexions of 5-20 days.
Starting 2 days ago, we got disconnected at 00:20, and then the line wouldn't synch. Called BT, got them to do one of their basic line tests (not the engineer call out one) and then about an hour or so later it re-synched and about 30 mins later it finally connected. In the intervening periods I received the remote computer is not responding message (I have it set up to relentlessly dial up until it gets a connexion). The next night, last night, it went again at 00:20, and took 'til at least 3 to re-synch, and then according to the log it reconnected at 05:47. Tonight it disconnected at 22:39 (no loss of synch) and repeated the same message for nearly 3 hours, finally reconnecting at 01:36.
F9 support seem to think that it's either electrical disturbance at my end, or line interference (also mine) but I can almost certainly rule these out (nothing out of the ordinary electrical going on here, no other devices on phoneline save phone - not in use at these times).
The strangest thing is that it started on Monday night for apparently no reason.
I am befuddled.

C. John Brodhurst

Bizarre disconnections


I don't know if this will be relevant to your situation but I suffered seemingly random disconnections / loss of sync in the early days of my ADSL subscription and spent quite a while fiddling with settings on my modem/router with no improvement.

Eventually I inspected the phone extension socket that the modem/router was plugged into (one that I installed, ahem) and found that one of the wires (can't remember which one) wasn't as firmly seated as it should be. This problem was compounded by that fact that we hadn't finished building the house yet so the socket wasn't attached to the wall. Ok, we were asking for trouble!

It seems that although the connection was fine most of the time, some slight movements of the socket would occasionally disrupt the signal for long enough for the connection to be dropped. A phone plugged into the same socket was perfectly useable so the fault wasn't at all obvious until I opened it up.

As I said, this might not be your problem but I'd definitely examine all your socket connections before looking elsewhere. I've now got the router plugged into the master socket with one of Solwise's nice ADSL faceplates ( and my connection's been up for a month or two.



Thanks for the reply, but I'm not sure this is applicable in this situation. The connexion has been fine more or less for the last 12 months, whereas this has only started recently. Nothing has changed on the hardware side of things, and other than that, no one has noticably been near the socket at the times of the disruptions.

I still don't know what's going on. My housemates are getting quite frustrated by the interruptions, and my sleep is rather disturbed! F9 support have asked me to monitor the situation!


C. John Brodhurst

Bizarre disconnections

Hmm, any cats roosting on your phone line?

Sorry, that was my best suggestion. If it's not your phone wiring then you're into the wonderful world of "something else is wrong". The usual advice of ensuring your modem/router firmware is up to date applies.

It's still possible that your wiring is at fault - nothing lasts for ever and it could have chosen now as the time to start cracking up but equally the problem could be with BT or F9, though I'd generally suspect the former in the first instance Wink

Just some thoughts!

Once again I can only share my experience & thoughts with you on this one, but like others I too experienced random dropped connections with my ADSL connection in the early days since the line was freshly activated. I too reported this to F9 and no significant problems where found after various tests.

In the end x2 things where done, 1) I personally contacted the BT DSL tech support team who then put me in touch with a BT DSL engineer who talked to me and asked various pretty intelligent questions. The up shot of this BT conversation was that he ran (BT engineer) various diagnostics on my line and the result was that I had a higher than nomal level of noise on my ADSL/phone line. After this was found the BT chap tuned my line and adjusted the "Gain" on my line and I was told that this would help to reduce the line noise in "Db's" and thus help prevent the random dropped connections. Which it did seem to do.

2) The second thing I did was contact DLINK technical support and found that there where newer (more recent) driver file versions for my USB ADSL modem and that by downloading them and installing them. I found the newer drivers were indeed far more well written (for windows 2000 Pro & XP pro)and stable and I have had very few dropped connections since this time (fingers still crossed and touching wood as it where!).

**I also think that you can as a user be unlucky and suffer interference from other electro-magnetic sources that can and do cause such random problems, these are also extremely difficult to pin down bye their nature. It could be something as seemingly trival as the same taxi firm calling a driver at that time of the day that happens to interupt that specific frequency, its very hard to know but its not impossible. No matter how impossible or implausible it might sound these things can and do happen. Believe it or not, as mad as it sounds. (its a crazy world you know, if you hadnt noticed??!!!) :-)

PS: I now have excellent speeds & my ADSL uptime (with out a line drop!) is now averaging 28 days continous connectivity.

Best Regards Ivan