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Bittorrent Problems


Bittorrent Problems


I am having a problem trying to download torrents. I have tried multiple clients, Azureus, BitTornado, BitTorrent, BitLord to name a few. The problem is that no port seems to want to work, i assume F9 blocks the standard P2P type ports like 6881 or whatever, but like none of mine whatsoever seem to work. The Azureus port test facility says my ports are ok, yet 5-10 mins after trying i get the message saying that port xxxx (UDP) needs to be open even though the TCP port passed its test.

Can anyone please help me set this up, or tell me if im doing something wrong.

Note: I am no longer using a router, its a Trust USB ADSL modem, im running XP SP1 and the firewall is not checked. Hence im curious as to why no ports work.

Thanks in advance

Bittorrent Problems

You do not mention which account type you have, only certain account types let you use P2P.