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Belkin f5d7633 - No Connection Problem


Belkin f5d7633 - No Connection Problem

Having a frustrating time setting up my Belkin Router/Modem.

Eventually get all the lights on the router showing its connected to ADSL and the Globe light comes on but in the router configuration pages it still shows internet status as NO CONNECTION !
And as it says - I cannot access the internet.

Has anyone had this problem or have any ideasHuh
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Belkin f5d7633 - No Connection Problem

I can think of some possible problems you may have with your router. I have not set up your particular router so this is generic help.

You say the lights are now on. I assume this is the power, a network and the ADSL light and you have one computer connected by cable to the router.

If the ADSL light is on, steady (not flashing and usually green) and you have a network light on, on the socket the cable from your computer is plugged into and you can access the setup pages of your router.

Then check the following.

Is DHCP enabled and working to provide an IP address to your computer.

If you have a firewall on your computer such as Zone Alarm have you configured it to allow a range of IP addresses as ‘trusted’. Depending on your router this can be upwards to say or upwards (check the DHCP range in the router to find out).

Have you put in the correct name and password to connect to Force 9. You are connected to your local exchange (the ADSL Sync light is on and steady) but not yet connected to Force 9. The name is in the format of not (I was well fooled by this the first time I set up a router).

In Internet Explorer have you set the ‘Connection’ to ‘Never Dial a Connection’ and under LAN ticked the box to ‘Automatically detect settings’.

Hope this has helped?

Belkin f5d7633 - No Connection Problem

The problem seems to be fixed.

I made a schoolboy error on the settings (used PPPoe rather than PPPoa) but that did not seem to fix it immediately.

I made a call to Force9 about doing a noise check on the line - amd while on the line the router made a connection and everything sprang into life !!!!!

This leaves me with 2 possible conclusions:
1) PPPoa was the fix - although it did not connect successfully for over half an hour.
2) While using the telephone this somehow enabled a successful connection to be made - the guy from Force9 concluded there may be some problem with my filters that was OK when I was actually making a call on the line.

I have left it all connected for now and its been OK for half an hour. The acid test will be if I can reconnect after a disconnection, or whether I need to make a telephone call to enable a reconnection.

I will post the result