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Been asking for a MAC number since 8th September...


Been asking for a MAC number since 8th September...

...and have had connection/speed problems since August. As I am having no luck with Farce 9 technical support I thought I would post a history of my requests here in despair. If my comments seem a bit harsh at times - please remember that I have been without a usable broadband service for four months (but still paying Force 9 well for the service).
I would like to complain about the continual interruptions to my broadband service by a malicious, evil, money-hungry company which, despite continuing to take my money, has fobbed me off to TISCALI LLU resulting in a complete breakdown in service. The people doing this obscene and abusive treatment to innocent internet users MUST be stopped!

Oh no, hang on - it's you isn't it.
Thanks for your reply. The degree of frustration I feel has not occurred overnight but is a result of extended problems with my internet connection. I study from home and am losing work and having delays every time my connection crashes - which is often.

I am pleased that you are working on the problem but, to be fair, I feel you have had enough time to sort this out by now. I am completely fed up with this and there does not appear to be any end in sight. Therefore I would like one of the following options to be taken -

a) Move my connection back to BT. All these problems have occurred since you moved me to Tiscali. Using Tiscali is cheaper for you - NOT ME. All I get out of this is a rubbish service for the same money. In discussions with other disgruntled Force 9 customers I think you may find using Tiscali is a false economy as it is going to cost you customers.

b) Refund my last two months subscription fees and stop charging my account for a service you do not provide. The problems with the Tiscali connection are of your making - why the hell should I pay for it? Just to illustrate my point – my internet connection was either down (or so slow that it couldn’t even load my homepage), for six hours last night.

c) Refund my last two months fees and provide me with a MAC number so I can leave your service.

To be totally honest I don't care which of the above options you take, I just want some action taken. The fact that you are 'working on the problem' is meaningless to me - you created the problem in the first place. Unless this is sorted soon I will be taking advice on how I can claim back my last couple of month’s subscription on the basis of you not providing the service which was your part of our contract.


Please allow me to congratulate you on the incredible mismanagement which you have presided over with Force 9. It is heartening to witness the ease with which a good product has been completely ruined.

I tend to be a loyal consumer and it is this loyalty which has kept me with Force 9. When I signed up I did so not because you provide an internet link – providers for this are a dime a dozen – but because you offered a good support service. When I had a problem I could pick up the phone and talk to a human being, even better, they seemed to actually care about my problems. Then you removed the ability to do this with any degree of ease ‘in order to improve your service’. Exactly how removing this support (with no corresponding reduction in my costs and premium rate phone lines thrown in - by the by) was an improvement is beyond me. But I stayed with Force 9.

Then you promised to upgrade my connection and subsequently I have had TWO MONTHS of abysmal service and connection problems. But I stayed with Force 9.

Next you wrote a nice letter apologising for the rubbish service and I thought ‘Well that’s nice. At least they admit the problem, but really, I just want a service that works’. Then, and this is the great bit, you managed to fuck things up even more to the point where I now have a completely unreliable service that still costs me money and, AND, nobody to even talk to. But I stayed with Force 9.

And what has my loyalty got me?

I have an 8mb connection with you that doesn’t work – I’d really rather have a 2.2mb connection that does. In fact, despite the 8mb speed, my actual internet connection (when it works at all) is now slower than dial-up. You still cheerfully take my cash while admitting that your service is crap. I can’t talk to customer service and am reduced to posting my complaint into the ether of the internet with little hope of a reply (which, ironically, I still have to do via my ridiculously slow Force 9 connection – pretty much got me coming and going haven’t you).

The most annoying thing is that I recommended Force 9 to lots of friends, some of whom joined up, and I now have to listen to them complaining to me as well (since they can’t get through to anyone from your company to talk to).

I also notice that you have generously moved me to another provider, to once again ‘improve my service’. Well, it hasn’t. I pay money to Force 9 for a service, if I wanted that service provided by another company I would pay them directly instead. If, as is becoming apparent, Force 9 can not provide me with the service I pay for then I will happily pay someone else to do it – but that someone will be of my choice – not someone that Force 9 decides to fob me off on.

You did give a good service once, and I am impressed that you wrote an apology. For these reasons alone I am taking the trouble to write to you instead of just going with another provider. All I ask is that you answer one simple question.

Why should I stay?

P.S. To compound the farce that is now Force 9 (Farce 9?), I find, to little surprise, that when I go to post this my internet connection is, once again, down. You have no idea how much more polite this letter is than the one I want to write now.

P.S.S. Since sending this letter (and getting no reply - thanks for the excellent service), my broadband goes from rubbish to crap. My connection drops out approx every 60 minutes and even when it works 80% of the time it is so slow as to be useless. I have tried writing to you - I have tried calling you - I have tried on-line support - all to no avail. Meanwhile my frustration and anger with your piss-poor performance continues to rise and so, to prevent me having a heart attack, I\'d just like to take this opportunity to say that your customer service is shit and your product delivery is a fucking joke. Thanks.


Yet another note to Force 9 in the vague hopes of getting some service...

First - please (I have said please - now be nice and do as I ask), provide me with a MAC number so I can leave your service (I use the word 'service' is the loosest possible way).

Second - to give you yet another chance to retain me as a customer move my account back to BT where it was in the first place and get me off the crap that is Tiscali.

Third - stop throttling my connection speed back - I now have a steady connection but at a speed which is worse than dial up. Please don't tell me that 'It's UP to 8Mb' I know my line can handle more than 6Mb because it was doing so fine before you moved me to Tiscali.

Fourth - Give me a MAC number (I have repeated this twice as it seems to be a difficult concept for Force 9 to grasp).

Fifth and final - take the bright spark who presided over the incredible miss-management of Force 9 and managed to ruin a good service out the back and give him a smack over the head.

Many thanks.
This Ticket is being closed as it is a duplicate of another Ticket with the same query.

Yes - it is a duplicate. Please take a second to ask yourself WHY I need to keep asking the same question...
Another country heard from...

Yes, my new provider can work with a LLU MAC number. Please provide me with one.

I simply can not tell you how delighted I am that you moved me to Tiscali LLU - thereby stuffing up my internet connection, have refused my requests to put me back on BT, AND that I now find myself in a position where I have to PAY to correct your company's fuck up.

Force 9 works on word of mouth only - how's this working out for you?

According to your website I should have had an answer to my last querry within 12 hours (Wow! How good is your service).

And yet, two days later, my email still sits sadly empty.

Are we not talking any more? Has Farce 9 customer service finally imploded? Would you just like me to go away?

Well that is good - I too would like to go away. But I can't until you provide me with my MAC number. What's the delay? It's a reasonable request.

I don't want promises of action, I no longer care to listen to you talk about how all the problems with Tiscali will soon be sorted out, I don't subscribe to your rosy view of my future. All I see is more of my money going to you for a service you don't provide. I am, in short, sick to death of dealing with you (if this one-sided communication I'm having can be termed 'dealing with you').

I'm sure that you don't want to read anymore nasty emails from me almost as much as I don't want to waste anymore of my time writing them. Do us both a favour - GIVE ME MY MAC NUMBER!!

At this point I would like to spend a few minutes just writing obscene profanities about you, your company and your lack of service. But I won't - even though it would make me feel better. Much better.

For all our sakes - GIVE ME MY MAC NUMBER!!

Don't make me come in there.

Here we go again.

Do NOT send me a message telling me that this question has been closed out as it is the same as my last question, unless - UNLESS - you actually ANSWER MY FIRST FUCKING QUESTION!


If I have not received my MAC number by the time my next payment is due I will be instructing my bank to put a stop on any payments to Force 9. I AM SICK OF PAYING FOR BROADBAND AT DIAL-UP SPEED.


Can I make this ANY clearer for you?


But still, I wait...

Been asking for a MAC number since 8th September...

If you run

"This Ticket is being closed as it is a duplicate of another Ticket with the same query."

through babel fish it would come out as

"We are ignoring this Ticket because it is the same as another Ticket we are currently ignoring"