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Bad ping for 2 days


Bad ping for 2 days

My Force9 ADSL has been fantastic right up until the last 2 days, I play Infiltration (an Unreal Tournament Mod) for the European champions Catch-22, and for the past two days my ping to ALL servers has doubled-tripled and left the game unplayable. I have done a route-trace and I am suffering a 95-10ms Ping between F9 and London Internet Exchange.....what is happening and is it temporary because if not I will have to look elsewhere as I rely on my ping, I don't really care about d/l speeds as I don't download much!!!

RE: Bad ping for 2 days


If you can let us see a copy of the traceroute we should be able to help further. This could be caused by all manner of things but is not something that is affecting everyone and so it is probably quite local to you.

Haver you tried unplugging your modem from the BT socket for one hour and then re-connecting?


Ian Wild
PlusNet Customer Support