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BT Voyager 2110 and Toshiba Laptop


BT Voyager 2110 and Toshiba Laptop


I am having problems with my Toshiba laptop wireless adaptor seeing the BT Voyager 2110. I have tried setting up a manual wireless connection (In Preferred Networks) with the correct SSID and network key and also ticked the box to enable IEEE 802.1x authentication. The router has the correct lights on.

Does anyone have any experience / ideas?

me too!

I'm having exactly the smae problems. Just received the BT wireless router yesterday and it appeared to be behaving as expected. I also have a 12" Toshiba laptop with built-in wireless. It detected the router but it sort of hung on "Attempting to get IP" or some message like that. Whenever I tried to get to in a browser, it wasn't recognised. So I wasn't able to login.