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BT Voyager 2100 gateway not found


BT Voyager 2100 gateway not found

Hi all.

Ever since I received my router, the BT Voyager 2100 when I joined Force 9 last month I can't do anything online apart from browse web pages. I can't even use MSN Messenger or WinMX though I have set up rules in the port forwarding to allow for them. After running a diagnostics on MSN Messenger it tells me that my gateway appears to be offline. Anybody know how I sort this problem out as I've been tearing my hair out over this for weeks? According to the contents list of what should have arrived in the box that Force 9 sent the modem in there is supposed to be a cd to help with installation and configuration but there wasn't one in there so I've been working blind. The 2 DSL filters in the box were both faulty too so I had to go out and buy new ones.

This is probably simple to answer as I've always used a normal modem with my network and never a router before so apologies if I'm asking for something which is easy but I'm starting to get a bit desperate now.

Router Configuration & default Gateway,Ivan

Hello Lemrin,

First of all if you've never setup a router before then it can be either a breeze or quite complex depending upon the make and model of router. Some ADSL home routers are straight forwards other like Cisco are far far more complex.

The default gate is an IP address, this is usually your external facing or WAN IP address. The IP address is public facing and is the static IP that Force9 would give you or assign to you for your use. So for example my default gateway is you can ping this & you should see a reply from it.

Secondly, the other side of the default gateway, is that all computers on a local area network need to know where the internet access point is. So to find the web access point they are all given the default gateway IP, its like a door this tells them very specifically where to go for connections out onto the internet, inbound connections do the reverse they come from the DG to the local networked machine. (such as when sending or receiving emails).

**With a router its better in my opinion to have a static IP address if you are using a router to make your connection/s to the internet. This makes life more simple and straight forwards in setting up the router and also fault finding when things do go wrong.

**You should find that your router has an admins page and it there that you will need to input the fixed IP address your going to use for your default gateway. You need then to save the configuration once the IP is entered correctly and then reboot the router. If you succeed in entering the gateway address let me know and I'll see if I can ping it from my machine here.

**To check you have successfully entered the gateway IP, from a DOS or command window type c:\ipconfig /all this will show you ALL your TCP/IP settings included in the list should be the default gateway if successful.

**Also if you have a user manual (paper or PDF File) then I'm sure there will be some information explaining this.


BT Voyager 2100 gateway not found

Thanks for stopping me from losing any more hair Smiley

The WAN address was set to be automatically assigned and I changed that to my Force 9 issued address and have tried a couple of apps that now work fine. I knew it had to be something simple but it was doing my head in trying to figure out what it was. Thanks once again for the help. You just saved my BT Voyager from the splattering through my upstairs window that it was getting pretty close to.

Replying Ivan


Your MOST welcome only too gald to be able to help!! Yep! routers can be abit tricky at times. I have very little hair left so it makes no difference now :lol: :lol:

Best Regards Ivan

BT Voyager 2100 gateway not found

Interesting... my router (different to the one you're discussing) is set to auto config the gateway when it connects to f9 (server assigned).... and I always thought the default gateway was the first f9 server it hits, in my case it looks like

However, I've just looked at my route table and at the top of the list is what I expected:

gateway: (f9 server)

but then at the very bottom of the table it has this:
gateway: (my static IP)
(which seems to tie in with what you're saying)

in between those two are just a few other routes I configured manually myself and the usual local loop etc. etc.

I wonder why it has auto configed like that when in reality the gateway address just needs to be is my static IP?

I'm really interested to lean more about advanced routing, I might buy a book on the subject. :-)

BT Voyager 2100 gateway not found

cyteck, nosey little me decided to lookup your IP that you quoted above... a little typo you made, I think it should be 88 instead of 08

However, in trying to diagnose why your 08 address didn't work, I discovered that when you do a reverse lookup on your IP it does *not* return your address.... it makes it look like you're using a dynamic IP... this is very useful for added privacy when remote web servers are logging you.

I've not seen any other static IP f9/PN customers with this, so my question is, are you aware of this and did you request it from customer support, or is there a way I can configure the PTR's myself in my DNS entry via the portal. (portal only seems to allow me to configure basic DNS features assosiated with my hosted domain only.

oh, and BTW, in response to your message to lemrin about pinging your IP... it's not responding to pings at the time of writing this.... either you've been disconnected or you have a stealthy firewall. Trace route to your IP is blocked from going any furthur than