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BT Requesting Modem Back

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BT Requesting Modem Back


I upgraded my account on the 29 th September from the freeonline home no install fee 512 adsl service ( free modem ) to the 1 meg premier account,

Everything went fine and works great Cheesy

Today I received a large bag to return my adsl modem to BT ,

I contacted BT on 151 and after 10 mins of listening to some lady keep saying your in a que I got passed to their adsl dept and waited another 15 mins and finaly got through to a real person,


It seems BT's automated system is sending out these requests auto for returns of the modems due to the fact their system at the moment sees the account canceled not upgraded.

The gentleman I spoke to said this is an error and he amended the details so I thought I would mention it here in case anyone who has upgraded gets the same thing,

You will have to speak with BT to cancel this request.

I do think however maybe Freeonline should try to catch this with BT as I don't think we should have to phone BT as Freeonline ( plusnet ) is our supplier not BT ? Plus it would save some work for freeonline for all the support issues that could be involved in this.


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Plusnet Staff
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BT Requesting Modem Back

Hi Ian,

If you were originally on a BT Install service then technically the modem is BT's property.

When you regraded to 1Mbps you would have been changed to a Self Install product (as BT don't offer a BT Install 1Mbps service).

As you say as their automated systems see this as a cancellation of your old service they'll send out a jiffy bag for the modem.

You are pretty safe to ignore the jiffy as BT have said in the past that they aren't really that interested in getting the modem's back, there's not much they can do with them anyone. Just hang onto it, keep using it and don't dispose of it if you later want to buy a new one.