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BBC Radio 2

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Registered: 04-08-2007

BBC Radio 2

I have had ADSL for over a year now, with very few problems.

Over that time I have got into the habit of listening to Radio 2 online some of the time, and have seldom had problems with 'reception'.

However, over the last couple of weeks the reception has been very poor. It varies from OK for several minutes then just cutting off, to reception becoming very distorted and 'gargly'. Over the last half-hour, for example, I have lost reception several times - very annoying.

I do not think this is anything to do with my ADSL connection, as I can continue to work to other sites through Radio 2's problems.

Has anyone else got these problems?

Cheers, Mike Howells.

kind of

well i listen to five live al the time. sometimes it will become slightly garbled but never really cut off. This is quite strange. Mayeb its to do with your bandwidth. I'm sure you've done this before but try closing any other application using the internet and just leave your BBC2 site working. If this doesnt work just put it down to the popularity of BBC2 and that their servers are going weird

BBC Radio 2

The BBC are having a 'too popular' problem at the moment - their news service (the which provides news on your website if you request it) has had to stop applications as they can't handle them! Shocked