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BB and drop outs like a YoYo

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Registered: 06-08-2007

BB and drop outs like a YoYo

Hello All

Well ever scince starting on BB i have been up so to speak I have a PC running in shack thats on 24/7 and never had any problems with BB at all. Then for no reason over the past 5 days its been up and down like a yoyo.. I have not added or taken anything away from the system Not added anthing to any phone lines or anything. It just started happening.. Rang f9 they where as helpful as can be as always no problems there. the only thing i could not tell them was if it also happend if it was plugged into the master socket or if i had another modem to try to see if it gave same symptons. (reason Its a wired/wireless router up in bedroom for hight also all other pc Network cables teminate there) so far have not been ableto ans these two questions. but shurly if its up and running most of the time it cannot be my end? Alos they did note the line was fuzzy, but then again it has been scince i had BB. never complaned as I was getting BB ok. Any ideas anyone?

regs Andy