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Ayatollah's or Ellacoya's?


Ayatollah's or Ellacoya's?

Seems whilst we have issues with Ellacoya's, the Ayatollah's are managing traffic in a different way over in Iraq:

Updated: 1:31 p.m. ET Oct. 18, 2006
TEHRAN, Iran - Iran’s internet service providers have started reducing the speed of Internet access to homes and cafes based on new government-imposed limits, a move critics said appeared to be part of a clampdown on the media.

An official said last week that ISPs were now “forbidden” by the Telecommunications Ministry from providing Internet connections faster than 128 kilobytes per second (KBps), the official IRNA news agency reported. He did not give a reason.

Internet technicians say speeds of 256 KBps, 512 KBps or higher are increasingly common internationally. Iranian surfers will now find it much slower to download music or anything else from the Web. Businesses have not been affected by the move.....full story

Thanks to Geoff (formerly known as @gpattison) for the titbit.