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Associating domain names to webspace


Associating domain names to webspace

Okay. Back in the darkest days of bad dial up, I was looking to change providers. One of the first things I did (after spitting my dummy out) was to move my webspace, which worked out quite well really, but.....

Instead of htdocs for the main directory, mine is now called www and any index page placed in this directory will be the site's default page. I have created 3 directories inside www (call them a,b,c for simplicity), each directory holds a different site. I have 3 domain names currently all re-directed to each directory's index page by 123. If I change the nameservers, all the domain names will point to the main index page in my www space. I don't want this. Any ideas how I could make the domain names point to their relative directories? i.e. points to directory a in the main www directory, points to the b directory and points to the c directory.

All thoughts would be appreciated.