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Anyone here use Bullguard?

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Registered: 13-08-2007

Anyone here use Bullguard?

Hi folks

Just wondered if anyone else here used Bullguard. I've had a 60-day trial and have found it to work superbly.

For once, the customer support is seems really excellent. A support chat-line 24/7 for starters, constant e-mail support when any suspicious nasty is quarrantined and not easily disposed of.

No noticeble speed loss in operation (one or two other products slowed my machine down HORRIBLY)

Single licence allows three computers in one household to use the same acccount - which means my daughter's machine is making use of the software without having to buy a multi-user licence.

Easy reinstallation if hard disc is reformatted (which regrettably I had to do recently due to a SP2 upgrade which went horribly wrong)

Any other users here?? Dare I ask if anyone used it and hated it?