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Any Mechanics Around Here?

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Any Mechanics Around Here?

I've got a problem with one of my windscreen wipers.

Today I checked my brake fluid, windscreen wash etc.... by opening the bonnet.

I found that my windscreen wiper on the drivers side had come up slightly and had obviously been rubbing agaist the top of the bonnet as there was a large amount of the metal rubbed away.

I can press the wiper arm back down so that it's in the right place, but when i let go it comes back up again.

Now, when I try, the wiper moves slightly (couple inches) and then gets stuck and won't move any further.

The car is a 1998 (S) Nissan Primera 5Dr. I'm really stuck for what to do as I need the car every day. Is it a garage job?


(Pictures could be provided if useful?
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Any Mechanics Around Here?

It sounds like it needs replacing (which Im sure you've figured already). If you're handy with a screwdriver you might be able to do this yourself. Ebay is a great place to look for secondhand parts and places like Halfords or scrap yards could have what you need as well. Otherwise you might need to take it to a garage which is often a necessitly when you own a car.

Any Mechanics Around Here?

In these kinds of situations, I swear by the Haynes book. Sounds like you just need a new wiper arm and / or fitting. Easy ten minute job to do it yourself, or an expensive hourly labour charge down the garage.

Re: Any Mechanics Around Here?

I'm really stuck for what to do as I need the car every day.

Oh dear Liam, you've only been driving for a few months and you've become a prisoner of the infernal combustion engine. Smiley
It happens to most of us at some time.
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Any Mechanics Around Here?

Hopefully its just the arm thats warn and not the spigot that it pushes on to.
They normally just pull off with a bit of pressure so once you have it off the spigot you should be able to see what part is warn.

If it it the drive spigot then iys a garage job unless you are really handy and have the tools. Cry
If it is the arm thats worn then as mentioned above you can get a replacement from many sources. Smiley

Any Mechanics Around Here?

I've got the same car and that happened to mine. (I am a mechanic btw) I had to fit a new piece of wiper linkage that's driven by the motor. It's a piece oc cake.