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Any Help please, Mobile phone experts out there?


Any Help please, Mobile phone experts out there?

My son bought a Nokia 6630 of the well known auction site, I know silly. However, when he received the phone and put in a PAYG sim (the phone is locked to 3, and the sim is 3 PAYG), he gets the message when dialing 444 to top up the sim "your service does not allow access to this number?).

Any Help please, Mobile phone experts out there?

You could try unlocking from the 3 network completely?

this should help

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Any Help please, Mobile phone experts out there?

It won't help as none of the free Nokia code generators can unlock the new generation BB5 handsets, which I believe the 6630 is. Only way with BB5 at the moment is to get the code officially from the network.

I don't know why 444 doesn't work, I assume the PAYG account is still active else it wouldn't log onto the network. You need to check the phone hasn't been blacklisted (i.e. the owner has most likely done an insurance job and claimed to have lost the phone) as commonly happens. I would either try the SIM in another phone if you can and see if it works.

If you phone Three customer services (obviously bit difficult from that phone) they should be able to tell you if it's been blacklisted and arrange for the unlock code if not.

If it has been blacklisted then I'd report the seller to Ebay (I assume it was them), PayPal (if used) to try and claim the money back and also the Police since technically fraud has been committed (the phone would belong to the insurance company if it had been subject to a claim, and no longer the seller's property).