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Announcement: Support Phone System Maintenance


Announcement: Support Phone System Maintenance

Dear Customers,

In order to test the resiliency of our support services, we will be performing a deliberate failover of our phone support system.

From 10:30PM this Saturday, our phone system will be repointed to our Business Continuity site at Victoria Quays, Sheffield. During this time you will notice that the phone system sounds slightly different, although its functionality will stay the same.

Should everything not run as smoothly as we have planned, there may be a disruption to the telephone support service. While we have assessed the risk of this occurence, we do not envisage that this should happen.

The failover will take place at 10:30PM on Saturday the 17th of May and will last until 8:30AM on Sunday the 18th of May. While the failover is in effect the availability of our telephone support staff will be reduced (as they will be spread across two sites). Please bear this in mind when raising a support enquiry.

Please be aware that this will only affect the telephone support system. Contact Us, our support ticketing system will be completely unaffected and support will continue through this mechanism, we have allocated extra staff to man Contact Us while the failover is in effect.

Kind Regards,
Customer Support.