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Announcement: ADSL Connectivity


Announcement: ADSL Connectivity

Dear Customers,

Due to BT's planned maintenance last night, a number of customers are experiencing slower than normal ADSL performance. The reason for this is that during the maintenance, four of our pipes were dropped.

While this didn't actually cause an outage as our connections are load-balanced over several pipes, many customers immediately reconnected and were connected to the remaining pipe - this has caused one of our pipes to be heavily contended.

If you are experiencing below normal performance from your ADSL connection, it is likely that you are connected to the aforementioned pipe. To resolve this, please disconnect from the ADSL service, and unplug your ADSL modem/router for fifteen minutes before attempting reconnection. This will then reconnect you to the service, however the load-balancing will move you onto a different pipe.

Kind Regards,
Customer Support.