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All I need is a little push


All I need is a little push

It's a rainy night and a man and his wife are sleeping peacefully,
when they are suddenly disturbed by a very loud knocking
coming from the front door.
Waking up, the man looks at the clock radio
and sees that it is 2 o' clock in the morning.
He goes back to sleep and seconds later
an even louder knock comes from the front door.
At this point his wife pushes him out of bed
to see who is knocking on the door.

The man, clearly pissed off, puts on his gown,
walks downstairs and opens the door.
He is met by a very drunk and rain soaked man
who is having trouble keeping his balance.
"Can I help you?" asks the husband.

The drunk man manages to blurt out,
"Please......sir......All I a push...."

"Excuse me?" asks the husband.

The drunk man replies, "A all I need, sir......Just a little....push..."

The husband looks at the drunk man and then says,
"Stop wasting my time you drunkard. Bugger off!"
and slams the door in the guy's face.

He jumps back into bed and is asked by his wife,
"Who was that?"

"Just some drunk fool who has broken down
and needs me to help him push his car." replies the husband.

"And you didn't help him?" asks the wife.
"Of course not." says the husband.

"But Honey," says the wife,
"The man is clearly in no state to push his own car,
and he's getting wet. Please go help him before he hurts himself."

The husband grumbles to himself, but gets out of bed,
puts on a raincoat and goes to help the drunkard.
When he opens the door he finds that the man is no longer there.
He goes outside and looks around the house,
but no sign of the man.

Exasperated he decides to shout, "HEY!!!"
To which hears the drunkard reply, "HEY YOURSELF!!"
"Where are you?!" shouts the husband.

The man replies,
"Over the swing......All I need is a little push....."