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Advice / suggestions required


Advice / suggestions required

I have been a Force9 customer since 1998, upgrading to DSL due to my (voice) phone line having dreadful interference/noise that BT have been unable to eliminate ever since the phone line was installed in 1998

The current setup I have is a AMD 350MHz PC directly connecting to the Dynamode USB

I now have a laptop provided by my employer, and it uses dialup (StarUK)
However, due to the noise it will not complete the connection and many downloads fail (as the files I sent are usually about 2MB)
I am not supposed to install "anything" onto the laptop, however, given the circumstances my line manager has provisionally approved this as it will only be possible to connect at home
I have now installed the software and can now retrieve my eMails, as required (the laptop does not have any browsing software, etc. so need to to even go there!)

This does, however, now mean I need to unplug the USB A connector and connect a "new" one from there to my laptop
I've not been able to find any kind of splitter/switch

I also plan to replace my current PC with another (as my laptop has shown just how slow my AMD 350MHz system really is, as the laptop is 2.6GHz!), but to allow 2 PCs to be online at all times...

How can this be achieved?

Advice / suggestions required

Cheapest is to put a network card into each machine and use ICS (internet connection sharing) assuming you run windows. but the sharing machine needs to be on for the second to access.

Best is a router
I use these.

Firewall, DHCP server, just plug it in, set it up....30 seconds top Smiley Jobs a good un.

There are cheaper around if you don;t need all the features but these are great units and well worth the extra IMO.

Advice / suggestions required

It will not be possible to add any further cards to my existing PC, no spare slots
All PCs will be on at all times (except the laptop), so that's not an issue

I assume it would be practical to keep the existing Dynamode USB and connect it to a 4 port HUB, and then connect each PC from there, as required
The laptop can then be plugged in/out as required...

Advice / suggestions required

I must admit I don;t know enough about USB to be able to say for sure...but intuitivly that won't work, 'cos of the USB controllers work up from a root controller.

I could be wrong :?

Advice / suggestions required

I could be wrong

but your not, USB hubs add extra ports to your PC not to allow multiple machines to share a USB device


This could get messy

If you can't or don't want to install a network card in your desktop, you could use some kind of direct cable connexion networking to connect your PCs together. You can use either a "null modem" serial cable, a "laplink" parallel cable, or a flashy new USB networking cable. Then you can use Windows' Internet Connection Sharing tool to share your connexion.

I'm not certain on the specifics, but I believe that once you have physically connected the computers and run Windows' DCC [Direct Cable Connection] Wizard it should treat it as an ordinary network connexion.

I think DCCs are covered in Windows Help somewhere. What versions of Windows are you running?