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Activation Fee


Activation Fee


I want to upgrade from 512 to the new 1mb offer with F9 - however they want to charge me another Activation Fee of just under £60 - why do I have to pay this again - I already have an activated line?
As I have had my contract for over a year next month, what is to stop me from moving ISP's to one of the other major players that is offering free activation and free modem?


Re: Activation Fee

Hi dimmockclose,

Basically there is Nothing stopping you moving ISP's at all thats a personal choice when it comes down to it. There may be some sort of technical reason for the second activation fee? I have a feeling that this is a BT matter not an F9 matter. From a users point of view the extra £60 looks like a massive DISINCENTIVE to people like us (yourself) to upgrade to 1Meg..

Best Regards to you Ivan

Activation Fee

ADSLGuide[/url]"]I have Home 500 (wires only ) already, do I need to stop my current service?

Fortunately no, a migration service exists from BT IPStream Home 500 to BT IPStream Home 1000. There is a fee involved though of £35+VAT, ISPs will vary in how much they charge, just as the activation fee can also vary from ISP to ISP.

I have USB 500 (engineer installed) already, do I need to stop my current service?

Moving from USB 500 to Home 1000 is not the simplest of processes at present. A two stage migration process does exist:[list=1]
  • Migrate to Home 500, paying the £35+VAT fee
  • Migrate from Home to Home 1000, paying a second £35+VAT fee[/listShocked]This means that at least for now (October 2003), people will end up paying £70+VAT to move from USB 500 to Home 1000. Additionally not all ISPs may support this process due to its complexity. Even after you have migrated from USB 500 to Home 500 you may still fail the stricter 1Mbps line tests, and be £35 worse off for no gain.

    If you do migrate from USB 500 to Home 500, BT Wholesale generally send out a padded bag for you to return the USB modem. Contrary to what many people believe the engineer provided USB ADSL modems do remain the property of BT Wholesale.

    I have the engineer installed USB 500 service can I migrate to Home 1000?

    For those people who have the BT IPStream 500 product, in other words the USB 500 engineer assisted install product (with a supplied USB modem) then unfortunately migration is not currently available as an option.

    A limited trial did take place earlier this year, but hit some snags. It is believed that this should be fixed in early October, but there is no guarantee the migration will be in place in time for the start of the trial.

    [Corrections made to spelling and grammar.]

  • I believe Force9/PlusNet has stated the reason it is charging £50+VAT(?), rather than the £35+VAT mentioned above, is because there is no automated process as yet for this, so the extra is to cover the company's own costs.