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Accessing webserver using Static IP


Accessing webserver using Static IP

I've got my ADSL connected to a Speedtouch 510 Router/Hub, with 2 PCs running Windows (XP & 2000) off it.
I have set up NAT so that anything on port 80 gets sent through to a PC running a webserver. I then checked to see if I could hit the webserver using my Static IP, which failed.
Am I doing something wrong, or is this expected behaviour? (I tried turning off my ZoneLab firewall when I tried this)

RE: Accessing webserver using Static IP

I don't have specific knowledge of the Speedtouch router, but I suggest that you check the following.

1 - Can you ping or traceroute (tracert) the static IP address - this may be disallowed by a filtering rule on the router.
2 - Is the a filtering rule setup on the router preventing incoming connections on port 80 (that will effectively over-ride the NAT port redirection rule that you've added).
3 - Check the web server logs for any access attempts.

Hope that gets you started in the right direction.



RE: Accessing webserver using Static IP


It is perfectly normal that you cannot access your own IP address from the connection which that address originates. I don't know if it applies to all routers/modems, but it's the same with mine.

You need to try it from a different internet connection to see if it works. You could dial-up using your phone line, thereby getting a different IP address when you dial-up. From this connection, you can try your ADSL static IP address to see if it works (even though you may only be connecting to the computer next to you!!).

Hope this helps.