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Access denied: mysql -u<user> -h<host> -p<pas


Access denied: mysql -u<user> -h<host> -p<pas

Hi, I'm trying to get my SQL database going on Force9. It's been functioning OK on my localhost, and I performed a mysqldump, FTP'd the resulting text file to my CGI space.

However, when I attempt to perform
mysql -u<user> -h<host> -p<passwd> < file.sql
I get:
ERROR 1044 at line 1: Access denied for user: '<user>' to database '<database>'

I gave the file full permissions but to no avail. I also tried granting permissions beforehand but it wouldn't let me. I'm guessing this is a permissions thing but I can't input my database manually, it's far too big.

Can anyone help?


RE: Access denied: mysql -u<user> -h<host> -p<


I did more investigating and it turns out the problem is because the first line of the .sql file is:

I reproduced the same error on the MySQL command prompt - I'm denied access to DROP. Is this supposed to be the case? Without DROP it's a long-winded process to transfer my database to the server.

RE: Access denied: mysql -u<user> -h<host> -p<

Read just about any of my previous posts in this forum. I've been complaining about it since last year. Still no-one from Force 9 has actually stated why we're not trusted to drop our own tables on our own database.

In fact the only way to drop tables I found out after a couple of forum installs that created tables but then died when they couldn't drop one, is at least a four screen process on F9s Mysql manager tool (oh and you have to drop them one by one, no dangerous batch operations allowed Tongue ).

Incidentally I tried everything else, direct connection to the server via telnet, via GUI managers, installing phpmyadmin on my CGI account all to no avail with regards the DROP command. So I shelled out for a hosting account with another ISP.

Just a minor annoyance of mine Smiley