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Abusive cop threatens public in Noth Wales


Abusive cop threatens public in Noth Wales

Copy of a letter I sent to my local MP /Police/loads of websites regarding Nopth Wales Police:
Happy New year to you.

My xmas started bad as i got pulled on the A55 in North Wales on xmas eve 2003, along the a55 between Llandulas and pensarn by a Black 2.5 V6 SRI Vectra REG: CX53 *** officer driving was a Inspector Ian Jones of North Wales Central Traffic (Acting chief inspector)
he informed me i was doing 80mph from the old colwyn/colwyn bay roundabout by the ambulance station down to the slip road to the A55 - then i was doing 115mph in the 50mph stretch by colwyn bay - then when we hit the 70mph and got near pensarn he put his lights on and pulled me -
to say this guy was abrubpt is a nice way of putting it - he was a complete asshole,
told me the speeds i was doing - which is complete rubbish - when i asked him to prove it on the camera built into the car - he admitted he couldn't because he couldn't playback <-- yet ppl who i have spoken to who have been pulled for speeding have been shown the video of them speeding, then he got abusive asking me over and over again if the car was mine. kept informing him YES wouldn't believe me - then he PNC'd the car to check - then when it came back as mine - he asked me again threatening me with "if i dont like your answer this time i'll arrest you for driving a stolen vehicle" then he said ok its your vehicle,
then once he couldn't do me for speeding + couldn't do me for stolen vehicle - he then said "well if you wern't speeding + the cars yours all i can do now is give u a producer"
then cautioned me that if i dont have my documents i will be summoned to court on charges of failing to produce.

I have complained today (new years day) to a inspector Casey of North Wales Police who is coming to take a statement tommorow

Inspector I JONES admitted he only pulled me in the end after saying it was speeding - because i have tribal stripes down the side of my Mark 3 white astra - "your a boyracer huh?" my reply - "no i just take pride in workin on my car" *snigger* by the nice friendly officer.

I have since put this same log on about 10 major websites in the UK including: (magazine for cars) (magazine for cars) <- north wales cruise site.
and some others

I am disgusted with the officors attitude and behaviour and want some answers.

Please look into this as I am considering involving a solicitor to start Civil / Legal proceedings agains the officer / North Wales Police themselves.

Yours Faithfully

Clive Senior

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Abusive cop threatens public in Noth Wales

There has been something on TV about the Chief Constable of North Wales and his zero tolerance of speeders. The programme mentioned a pensioner who was done for doing 58 in a 50mph (or something equally as close to the "legal" interpretation.
He considers doing 33mph in a 30mph area as "diabolical" and the driver should be done
Now I thought, the legal position was speed limit + 10% + 1mph which would mean that at 33mph in a 30mph limit, you are 1mph WITHIN the legal interpretation of speeding.

Maybe the normal officers in North Wales are equally pissed off with the Chiefs attitude, or maybe it was the CC himself !!!!

Edit: Wow, didn't realise the word censor was that tight, the word is even used on the good old bastion of the english language, Radio 4.

Abusive cop threatens public in Noth Wales

North Wales police have had a Zero tolerance line for years now.

One of the stranger parts of the programs in place is that none are seeking to increase revinue from speeding fines.

The main detection units are the marked mobile vans. Almost everybody between Conwy and Holyhead knows the positions used by these vans, and only on rare occasions are they used in other places (these other palces are usualy new to the unit and within the winding valleys).

A copy of the Ananova version of the brief is available HERE

None of the people sent any of these are prosecuted (in relation to the speeding offence).

Too be very honest, letters to people doing 37MPH in a 30 limit is a very damned good idea.

I would also say it very much depends where the limit was breached as to how deserved it is.

You can't compare a straight well lit 30MPH limit section, to a winding unlit rural town. That is how most of North Wales is.