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ADSL service back to normal..


ADSL service back to normal..

Hello f9support,
Just to let you know it doesn't have to all be doom and gloom. The recent performance issues seem to be so far (cross fingers) working well. Can you tell us in the end what you did? Or was it something that BT did find and fix? I mean have you put some people on other pipes?

I tried the speed test on and got the fastest download speed I have ever had. Thanks.

by the way someone asked about performance. It depends on a number of factors I guess, but if I am downloading a binary say a zip file etc. and the site is good. Can expect speeds on average of about the same as you 55Kbytes per second. Sometimes higher sometimes lower. I had the same question a little while back when I first got ADSL and a kind soul on the discussion BBS pointed me to I use dumeter and it is very helpful. You have 30 days trial whereby after you need to register. I registered.

Some other useful utilities, I use the download manager which I got from:

This seems to be quite fast.

To test the download I use the following which is a fairly good site:

Also to help troubleshoot any problems eg: DNS server ping times, traceroute you can download:

I'm sure there are other people with other suggestions. There are even ping or traceroute gateways (so that you can ping your own IP address from outside) see:

best regards,


RE: ADSL service back to normal..

> best regards,
> Greg
> :0

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the comments and it's good to hear that the fixes we have put in place are working well for you. The feedback has been positive and the fixes are performing as expected.

I think that ADSL 512kbps users can realistically expect downloads of 30-60K / sec. Downloads will vary from line to line and within different areas of the UK. Contention will also lower this even further. What I'm really saying here is don't judge a service too much on download speeds. Performance is important but download speeds will be different so don't be shocked if your friend can get 10K / sec more. It will happen.

Regards, Torsten.

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