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ADSL and my online games!

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Registered: 06-08-2007

ADSL and my online games!

I have had ADSL for a week now and have started playing online games again such as StarCraft Broodwar and C&C Generals. During play I disable my Norton Internet Security.

When a game is ready and the players are about to start the game every one else disconnects from me. This is happening in many games and I dont understand why, this used to happen on 56k when you had too much lag but lag is not my problem here.

Has anyone else had problems playing online games with ADSL (using the solwise router and a 5 port hub).

The funny thing is that Unreal Tournament 2003 works fine, still to try Diablo 2. I own legal copies of the game and legal CD keys.

Any help would be great.



ADSL and my online games!

I had this problem as well with norton.

Generals need certain ports open to function, the list of the ports in on the support section of generals web site.

Just check which ports you need, and open them.

If you still get problems, try using Zone Alarm as a firewall, i find it much easier to us.



granted i have norton personal firewall too,but i have it switched off generaly soon as pc loads alot of time,yet still dsl modem disconects me from game and wont let me reconect till reboot for no apparent if find a definitive answer as to why,would appreciate lettin me know Tongue :shock:

ADSL and my online games!

i used to have similar problems with norton when had modem, even when disabling the program it doesn't disable the firewall properly and this is the cause of the problem.

The games I use online are : anarchy online, mir, dungeon siege, with each requiring specific ports to be open, well most firewalls leave ports above a certain range open anyway so don't need to open or forward them on.

I ended up using ipcop as my firewall, but this requires another low spec pc to be running, and also networked to your windows pc.

With me now going adsl I now use my router as firewall