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ADSL Service Announcement


ADSL Service Announcement

Update on ADSL Service Issues

Over recent days a number of our customers have been experiencing increasing difficulties with their ADSL connections. The difficulties reported have included:

* Connection is slower than previously experienced
* Inability to connect to ADSL at the first attempt
* ADSL is connecting with no data transfer

In addition to the problems already reported relating to equipment in BT exchanges. These issues have also been exacerbated by the performance of the
ADSL router ('Home Gateway') that is supplied to us by BT.

This router is significantly under-performing against the BT ADSL specification and cannot provide the service required. A lack of contention at the BT exchange has led to this situation developing, an issue that has also affected other ISPs.

To remedy this we are installing a new 155MB 'fat pipe' which in addition to establishing greater capacity is also delivered over a router with greater performance capability. Consequently BT have assured us that our ADSL service delivery will resume to the high quality levels we expect from a Broadband service.

We are committed to providing the best levels of service. Over the coming months a minimum further three 155MB ADSL pipes are also scheduled to be installed by BT. In doing this we have deliberately planned an "over-specified" ADSL supply so that our level of supply constantly remains above the demand placed on the BT ADSL infrastructure.

Our Support Centre is currently very busy as a result of the number of questions relating to these issues. Any further information relating to this situation will be posted on the service status section of our web site as soon as we have it.


Currently we are on track to commission the 1st 155MB "fat pipe" this coming Friday. If there is any further impact on BT's ability to meet this latest target date, further announcements will be made in Service Status.

Should you require support for any other issue, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via "Contact Us" on our Portal, or via our usual local-rate number.

We understand that the current situation is not acceptable, and would like to reassure you that it is temporary, and will be resolved very shortly.


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