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ADSL Modem/Router :?:


ADSL Modem/Router :?:

Anyone suggest a good ADSL Router with built in WAP and DSL Modem :?:

Thanks in advance


ADSL Modem/Router :?:

A good number are reviewed on the ADSLGuide hardware reviews website.

Some of these (plus a few others besides) are on sale at DSLSource which I can recommend from personal experience, although you may be able to find your chosen router cheaper elsewhere.

I reckon the Netgear DG824M has to be a front-runner (don't have one myself). The SpeedTouch 570/ Pro Wireless is getting a bit long in the tooth (about two years old) and the prices now reflect that (£399 in the ADSLGuide review, now £100+VAT at DSLSource). I am a SpeedTouch user, and I can recommend them, although as far as wireless routers go, there are more modern products which may be a better buy in the long run, especially if you're into applications (the various chat products, for example) which are traditionally troublesome for NAT routers.

Having said that, have you considered a standard router and a separate WAP, which will give you a much wider choice (if that's a good thing!) and more flexibility over which wireless networking standard to use.