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ADSL Migration. Billing problem and speed issues.


ADSL Migration. Billing problem and speed issues.

Did anyone else have problems when migrating from BT broadband to F9?

I got a bill from BT for this month and they are still charging me for BT broadband even though my migration went through last month. Did this happen to anyone else and did BT actually manage to get it sorted without messing up the F9 broadband at the same time? So far I have been kept on hold for about an hour and then told that the correct department is only open 9-5 or was it 10-5? and I will have to call back then and no doubt wait another 30 minutes on hold whilst a recorded voice from BT "apologises" for the delay.

My broadband seems to be noticably slower now that I am on Force9. This is absolutely nothing to do with F9 as a speed test using the BT wholesale test login speed test tool shows the slow speeds. So basically the bottle neck is at the BT exchange before it even thinks about going to the force9 network. I never actually ran this speed test with BT broadband so I couldn't be sure but I think I had better speeds with BT? It looks like to me that BT give priority to the VCs to thier own broadband service over that of wholesale? Anyone else noticed this? Are they allowed to do this? Do they indeed actually do this officially or unofficially? (My speed runs ok through F9 and the BT speed test tool at non busy times so it isn't a line synch or line issue)
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ADSL Migration. Billing problem and speed issues.


I have heard about this before with BT still charging after migration.

One thing you must watch out for when you do get in touch with BT is that you inform them that you have migrated away and NOT to cancel your ADSL line as this has happened in the past.

Just check with F9 CS on 0845 1400250 that BT broadband has been informed that your migration to F9 is complete.

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