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A sad day


A sad day

Gonna say goodbye to the plusnet community... even though I am not a P2P user, sadly my account will no longer meet my needs, so i will be moving to another ISP. But I want to take this opportunity to say, no matter what happens with Plusnet, they have a top support team who should be proud of themselves.

I have not posted much in here myself but I have read through a lot of the topics and PN has a great community

A special thanks to staff I have dealt with in the past, Ian Wild and Andrew Moxon who have offered exceptional service. And to all the other staff... you are great Cheesy

I will be sad not to have the great community spirit on these forums Sad

Plusnet many of made a some bad desisions from high above... but for the Customer Service, i would still recommend for any light users I come across...

Again Thanks to all the Staff & Forum team...

Carl Jackson

P.S. - Bet this post beats most of the whinging leechers who want to leave Smiley

A sad day

I bet it does also.

Let us know how you get on with your new isp on the Pnetters forums. You know you are welcome. Smiley

A sad day


Sorry to hear your leaving us. I will agree with John and say that it makes a change to have someone be civil and leave for genuine reasons as apposed to P2P orientate their posts.

I wish yuo all th best, and hope you will enjoy your new ISP, do call at p'netters and tell us all about it, and you never know we may see you again in the future Smiley

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A sad day

Why does John always beat me to a plug for plusnetters? :roll:

Seriously though good luck with your new provider!
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A sad day

Why does John always beat me to a plug for plusnetters? :roll:

Maybe he spends more time on these forums than you Tongue

A sad day

Nobody can possibly spend more time on these forums than Daniel does. Wink