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8/10 for f9 ADSL


8/10 for f9 ADSL

Line activation and setup from f9 was good.

Drivers that came with the PCI modem bore no relation to the product or instructions. I downloaded them from the manufacturers website and they worked fine.

ADSL up and running in < 30 mins and line fast and stable.

Overall I'd give f9 8/10 for effort. The product is good when you get it working. Shame about the drivers. A more novice user would still be trying to use the incorrectly supplied ones on the CD and never get their ADSL working!
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Registered: 06-08-2007

8/10 for f9 ADSL

I tend to agree, I have read a lot of posts with people having problems and thats a shame as I had a very smooth transition to ADSL.

Line activation fine, USB modem came in good time and the setup and instal part was easy.

I am not a beginer with computers by any means but I think that with my particular case it was simple.

So yes, over all 8 / 10
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Registered: 31-07-2007

8/10 for f9 ADSL

I'm not sucking up or anything, but I upgraded to broadband last week, and from an F9 perspective, I couldn't have asked for more.

Once the initial hurdle of my upgrade request was dealt with, everything happened very smoothly. Now, if the modem courier had known what a post code was, and I understood the wiring difficulties of the phones in my house (solution found in Ian Wild's ADSL setup tutorial), it would have been completely painless, but aside from those minor issues (which were ultimately resolved), it's been simple, and I have had a perfectly reliable connection for 4 whole days!!

I'll give F9 9 / 10, since my problems were diddly-squat to do with them.